If You Have a Complaint

We are committed to providing excellent levels of service. We strive to meet the expectations of our customers and visitors, and we welcome feedback on where our services and facilities can be improved or where expectations have not been met.

Issues of concern to waterways visitors can usually be resolved by talking them through with one of our staff or volunteers, either face to face or by telephone. However, we recognise that sometimes this may not be appropriate, or you may feel your concerns have not been properly addressed after talking them through with us.

If we haven’t reasonably met your expectations or you wish to make a formal complaint relating to services or facilities provided on our waterway. The complaints procedure can be accessed via the link below.

Please include all relevant details such as locations, dates, people contacted and the other circumstances relating to your complaint. This helps us quickly and fully understand the nature of your complaint to begin our investigations.
Once we have received your complaint we will acknowledge it in writing or by email in 5 working days. You can normally expect a full written response from a senior manager not involved with the complaint posted within 30 working days of this acknowledgement.