A current Avon Navigation Trust licence must be displayed on every craft that is moored on, or using any part of the waters of the River Avon, (including any marinas, basins and backwaters), for any purpose whatsoever and for whatever period.

Change of ownership: If you have purchased a boat or sold your boat you must inform the Trust as soon as possible. You will remain liable for any expired licence for the boat if you do not inform us when you sell the boat. You will remain responsible for the boat if it is placed on sale in a marina brokerage pond. Please use the button below to inform us you have sold your boat.

Private licences do not cover boats that are hired out or used for commercial gain or reward.

Commercial users please contact the office. 

Please purchase by using our online service. If you can’t use this service, you can apply for the annual licence by post using the annual licence application form. Please call 0300 111 2010 or send a message and we will do our best to help or if you need an application form sent to you. Short term licences can also be purchased from our Welcome Centre based at Tewkesbury during the season.

There are 2 types of licences – Short term (from 1 day to 30 days) and Annual 


Short Term Licences


Annual Licences


Change of  Owner


Overnight Moorings