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Hover over the blue pins below to see web cam, weather and flood warning information for various parts of the river.

Tewkesbury Cam - Severn Level
Rugby EA Gauge
Warwick EA Gauge
Mythe Bridge EA Gauge


River Watch has been set up by Avon Navigation Trust to better inform river users of the state of the river. River Watch is made up of a network of web cameras, links to the Environment Agency gauges and to weather forecasts for each area. River users by looking at the live web cams and EA gauges can assess the current condition of the river and by looking at the Rugby and Warwick EA gauges plus the weather forecast can assess whether there is more water coming down the river or is due to fall and therefore affect river levels.

Avon Navigation Trust in partnership with Farson Digital and Ace Computers.

Screens showing the live cameras are located at Stratford Waterways Information Centre ‘William James’, Tewkesbury Lock and at the ANT main office at Wyre Piddle.

River Watch has been expanded to include 12 cameras, look back in history, an alert service, no adverts, link to weather & river level data and a smart phone APP coming soon.

The cameras can be viewed free of charge, with out the extra functionality, however this includes adverts that pay for the up keep of the service. To have all of the new functions with no adverts you can pay to view as described below.

The EA gauges linked to the page are always free.

If you would like to remove the adverts from the camera pages you can do this by going to the PAY TO VIEW and ‘Go Pro’ by paying £18 per year, subscribe at


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