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2024 General Information and Welcome Information Leaflets

Membership application form 2024

Volunteering information leaflet

Welcome Information and Short Term Licence information

Request to navigate during off season

2024 Boat Licence Application Information Leaflet

(These contain the prices for the various annual licences and support information)   

Annual Licence Info Powered & Unpowered 2024

2024 Annual Licence application form (PDF format)

Please use the online application system if you can 

PDF version of the form to fill in a return to the office  Application Form 2024

Residential form (to accompany the Application Form 2024 if you live on your boat.)

Other publications 

ANT Gateway 2024

Legacy Leaflet

Bye Laws

Lower Avon Navigation Trust 

Upper Avon Navigation Trust

Memorandum & Articles of Association

Click HERE to view ANT Memorandum & Articles of Association