Event information and Event Notices

The River Avon is such a great natural resource and each year is the venue for many events. Ranging from River Festivals through to sailing and bell boating regattas. 

These events are usually great for all involved; the organisations, individuals, families and the community. ANT do need to know that all the safety elements are in place, the operating procedures are all set up and that all the craft have the correct licence. So anyone looking to organise an event needs to apply for an event licence. Events will clearly effect the Navigation, so the application for any event is compulsory. 

   1. Please contact the office to discuss your event idea 

   2. The office will then send you an application form, that you will need to return along with other documentation like Risk Assessments and insurances 

   3. The Events committee will then assess the application and if the application is successful, grant the necessary event permissions. This process can take up to 12 weeks, so please apply early for your event. 


Some dates for your diary 2020


Stratford River Festival    4th & 5th July 2020 Sadly cancelled due to COVID-19 crisis


Evesham River Festival    11th & 12th July 2020 Sadly cancelled due to COVID-19 crisis


Pershore River Festival    Sat 18th July 2020 Sadly cancelled due to COVID-19 crisis


Event Notices 

Event Notices are issued for each event. They can be viewed by clicking the events listed above and also viewed here: