Annual Licences 

The Annual licence covers the River Avon from Alveston Weir to the confluence with the Severn at Tewkesbury and is valid from 1st January to 31st December each year. 

ALL CRAFT moored on, or using for any purpose whatsoever, or for whatever period, any part of the waters of the Avon, including that part upstream of it’s confluence with the Severn, all marinas, basins and backwaters, must display a current Avon Navigation Trust Licence.

Boat Licences are not transferable from one craft to another. No refunds are given for boats sold, the annual licence remains with the craft.

All craft MUST have a permanent mooring, continuous cruising is not permitted throughout the year without a ‘home’ mooring. Boaters visiting from other navigations are most welcome to navigate using a short term licence. The short term licence cannot be used for extended stays of more than 30 days. 

Please remember that your licence fee goes to help pay for the upkeep of the river and the locks and ensure that boating on the Avon safe and enjoyable.

The Gateway Magazine provides more information about the engineering works and projects ANT have recently undertaken. 

Insurance, documentation and payment 

All craft (powered and unpowered) must be insured and safe. ANT recommends at least £3m third party insurance cover including salvage cover. You will need to provide evidence of your current insurance cover and your current Boat Safety Scheme pass certificate together with payment. Payment can be by debit or credit card, PayPal, bank transfer or cheque.

Boat Safety Scheme Certificate

All boats operating on the Avon require a Boat Safety Scheme Certificate (BSS) or a Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) for brand new boats (unless exempt from testing) This is like a boat MOT – your insurance and river licence will be invalid if you do not have a current BSS. Evidence of your current certificate must be provided. We can accept certificate number and expiry date as evidence. 

Only boats with no cabin, no fixed fuel and no cooking facilities (such as a canoe or very basic open motor boats are exempt).

More information is available at or contact the ANT office on 01386 552517 or licensing 0300 111 2010


How much will my boat licence cost?

The price of an annual licence will depend on the length of your boat and if it is powered or un-powered. The online licence system below will automatically work this out for you. If you would like to see the grid of prices, to check what it will cost, this can be found on the appropriate Licence Information leaflets on the Documents Page

End of Season Discount Boats joining or launching after 1st August each year can apply for an end or season discount. This is 50% off the prompt discount fee. Licence will expire 31st December. 


How / Where to get your Licence


Option 1 – (PREFERRED OPTION) Use the online system below to purchase your licence This option can be used for all private annual licences including residential. For boats launched / joining the navigation after 1st August can apply for a ‘End of Season’ discount. This discounted cannot be purchased online, apply by option 2 method below.


Option 2 – A PDF version of the application form is available to download on the Documents Page, along with the information leaflet needed to fill it in. This can then be returned by email or post.  Payment can be made over the phone by card, or by BACS. There is space on the form to fill in your insurance and BSS certificate numbers and expiry dates.

We have a dedicated telephone number for licensing enquiries 0300 111 2010

The offices at Wyre Piddle are closed to visitors, therefore we cannot process cash payments.


2023 Licences available to purchase online by clicking the buttons below.  


Powered Craft - annual


Residential Craft - annual


Un-Powered Craft - annual


Paddle Craft - annual



More information 

The Licence information leaflets are available in the documents page – these display a list of the prices and more details. 

Licence terms and conditions