Boat Licence Terms and Conditions 


ALL CRAFT moored on, or using for any purpose whatsoever, or for whatever period any part of the Avon, including that part upstream from its confluence with the Severn, all marinas, basins and back waters must display a current licence. Private licences do not cover boats that are hired out, used for commercial gain or reward, commercial operators should contact the office to apply for a Commercial Operator Permit and licences. 


THE ANNUAL licence covers the River Avon from Alveston Weir to the confluence with the Severn at Tewkesbury and runs from 1st January to 31st December or 1st July to 30th June and is not transferable from one craft to another. No refunds are given for boats sold or leave the navigation; the annual licence remains with the craft. All craft MUST have a permanent mooring. 


THIRD PARTY INSURANCE: All craft (powered and unpowered) must be insured. ANT recommends at least £3m cover including salvage cover. Copy of current certificate must accompany all annual registration forms.



  • January to December Licences: Apply and pay before the end of February if already afloat or before launch. Early bird discount applies for applications and payment before the end of January.
  • July to June Licences: Apply and pay before the end of June if already licenced or before launch / joining the navigation.

In all cases evidence of appropriate third party insurance and boat safety certificate (BSC) (unless exempt) must be included with the application otherwise the FULL FEE will apply. If a BSC has expired and waiting for renewal, the licence must be applied for if afloat and full fee paid. The 50% discount will be refunded if the BSC is provided within two months.


CONCESSIONARY LICENCE may be applied for by riparian owners’ for unpowered craft under 15′, rescue craft and non-commercial workboats. Proof of insurance and BSS certificate will be required. 


HOUSEBOAT is an unpowered, static, permanently moored boat with living accommodation for residential or pleasure use. 


RESIDENTIAL (as per bye-law 30b): A craft occupied for residential purposes for an aggregate period of more than 6 weeks in any one year must apply annually for permission with their licence application form, and will be subject to an annual extra charge in addition to the annual private licence fee. A residential licence will then be issued. These applications are now available online or by post. The boat MUST have an approved, flood safe, serviced permanent mooring. 


RECEIPT: A receipt of application will be issued if ANT cannot issue the licence due to insufficient documentation and/or payment. A licence will not be issued until all documents and payment has been received. 


NON-REGISTRATION: If necessary, the Trust will take legal action against boat owners who fail to pay their licence fees and they will be subject to debt recovery action through the courts. In addition, boat owners who make no attempt to register or to satisfy the BSS and insurance requirements are liable to legal action.


SHORT TERM LICENCES:  For periods of over 30 days afloat will require an annual licence. Variation to this term is by special arrangement only and will be considered on a case-by-case basis after contacting the licensing office. The period of the licences is for consecutive days only. This licence may be used to fill in a period leading up to the annual licence start date eg 30 day licence for June and an annual licence starting in July.

If you are joining the river at one end or launching from a specific point and returning to that same point a day or two later, then you should purchase an ‘Excursion Licence’. If you are navigating from either end of the river and navigating to the other, or launching and landing at different points, you will require a ‘Through Licence’ from a maximum period of 7, 14 or 30 days.

ALL CRAFT (including powered craft, paddle craft and unpowered craft) moored on, or using for any purpose whatsoever, or for whatever period, any part of the waters of the Avon, including that part upstream of it’s confluence with the Severn, all marinas, basins and backwaters, must display a current Avon Navigation Trust Licence. Short term licences purchased online can display the unique number and expiry date written on a piece of paper and fixed to the boat.

Short Term Licences are for privately owned craft, hire craft, timeshare ownership and CRT continuous cruising craft. Licences may NOT be transferred to any other craft, captain or crew. Hire craft licences expire at the end of the hire period.

Avon Navigation Trust is governed by Byelaws. A copy of these Byelaws can be downloaded from the documents page. ANY PERSON CONTRAVENING THE BYELAWS IS LIABLE TO PROSECUTION