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Pershore River Festival

Terms and Conditions

The following conditions apply to All vessels.

  1. Pershore River festival cannot accept responsibility for any injury or damage to persons, property or vessels howsoever caused.
  2. ENGINES AND GENERATORS MAY ONLY BE RUN AT 08:00 – 10:00 AND 17:00 – 19:00
  3. The organisers will endeavour to meet the needs of any boater with a registered Disability badge.
  4. Moorings will be at the Harbour Master’s discretion, whose decision will be final. Festival mooring is not permitted on private moorings or obstructing the navigation or event happenings.
  5. All vessels must have a current appropriate Avon Navigation Trust licence displayed and relevant insurance at the time of the festival.
  6. No refuelling of petrol engines on Festival moorings. Toilets must not be discharged into the waterway.
  7. No loud music after 23:00hrs
  8. All minors and dependants are the responsibility of the carers at all times.
  9. Pets must be kept on a lead at all times. They will not have access to any public food preparation vending areas. Owners are responsible for cleaning all mess.
  10. The event manager reserves the right to request the removal of any vessel from the festival moorings.
  11. Bookings are for named boats only and are not transferable or refundable.
  12. Please tick the online application form to confirm acceptance of these conditions.