Works Consent process

To carry out any work in, over, under, across, near to or that may affect the River Avon Navigation, works consent must be obtained before any works within the above criteria are started.

Avon Navigation has adopted the Code of Practice for ‘Works Affecting Canal & River Trust’ (previously British Waterways) with the River Avon Navigation Waterway designated as a ‘Busy Leisure Waterway’ with the relevant stoppage charges applying. 

There are also Special Requirements in Relation to the Avon Navigation Trust, and similarly these should be consulted and all works shall be in accordance with the requirements.

A Consent administration charge applies and payment should accompany any application. The application will not be considered until the charge is paid.

The application process will take a minimum of 8 weeks and a maximum of 12 weeks. If a shorter time is required then please contact us, however an extra charge may be made to fast track the consent process. 

Once approval has been granted and any fees paid, notices can then go out to all interested parties.

Please contact the office for details and a copy of the works consent form